serviceLogix builds and hosts custom, browser-delivered software for enterprise, B2B and B2C applications


ServiceLogix brings everything needed to make your project a success:

  • Expertise - We have been producing cloud-based applications for over a decade, and we are particularly experienced at meeting the inherent challenges in developing and delivering browser-based software for any scale or scope.
  • Opal™ Web Application Framework -  Built on a foundation of open-source technologies, our signature web application framework enables accelerated prototyping, development, and production of software.
  • enCorps™ Collaboration Software - Our collaboration software ensures project visibility and accountability, and enables organized and timely support post-delivery.
  • Agile Process -  Our internal practices guarantee a reality-based understanding of project progress and avoid the pitfalls of less current approaches.
  • Iterative Prototyping - We aim to engage project constituents as well as end-users in software design processes from the beginning in order to promptly deliver functional software.
  • Hosting Infrastructure – We utilize a full spectrum of software distribution, from unmatched data center facilities and hosting capabilities to cloud delivery, and even mobile applications.