Our Value


Why Outsource Development?

IT departments at many established companies are overloaded with supporting so many applications and users that adding a new project to the equation adds significantly to the risk of failure.For start-ups, the costs of recruiting a team of experienced developers who will correctly understand your vision can be  enormous.For small businesses who don’t have the IT expertise, but need a custom application, the distraction and costs of undertaking an internal effort are prohibitive.  More often than not, packaged solutions just won’t do the trick.With the hassle and costs of hardware, internet bandwidth, infrastructure support, VPN, database management, application support and management, integration, and providing the appropriate levels of security, redundancy and auditability, the luxury of handing all of that off to a trusted partner becomes pretty attractive.

Solutions Delivered

Many more companies are turning to outside providers to develop software. However, outsourcing development only solves a quarter of the problem.The sole mission of ServiceLogix is to provide custom, browser-delivered software services including analysis, development, hosting and support.With our own suite of technologies such as our Opal™ web application framework and our enCorps™ collaboration software, combined with our hosting capabilities, we stand out above the crowd.ServiceLogix can free you from the distraction of an internal effort and significant costs post-implementation and remain cost effective long-term.

The Bottom Line

Combine the benefits of a browser-based solution with the benefits of having a partner with the expertise, technology and infrastructure necessary to deliver, and the cost/benefit analysis becomes easy:

You simply cannot build an application and support it internally more quickly or at a lower cost than Service Logix can.

Why Browser-Based?

There are a number of good reasons for going with a browser-based solution instead of a traditional installed application, including:

  • Small Footprint – all you need is a browser… any browser.
  • Platform Agnostic – the application will survive your next OS upgrade.
  • Built-in Security over Web Protocols – no need to punch holes through your firewall.
  • Accessibility – users can work from anywhere.
  • Productivity – because users can work from anywhere they have an internet connection, your productivity is bound to rise.
  • Lower Costs – built-in accessibility means that applications can be distributed to a remote workforce who no longer need to be within driving distance of your offices.