Opal™ Web Application Framework

  • Mature – Ten years of improvement and innovation has produced a framework that is comprehensive, highly productive and produces better results. Opal contains all of the key technologies required to deliver rich-UI, highly interactive, browser-based applications.
  • Productive – Building highly sophisticated applications becomes simple by using an advanced set of development patterns and shared components that cut most of the grunt work out of application design and implementation process.
  • Stand-alone - Opal requires no plug-ins or external software to run. What runs in the browser is pure HTML and JavaScript and is 100% cross-browser (including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera).
  • Sophisticated - Without using any external technologies, Opal produces beautiful, sophisticated, usable browser-delivered applications that earn rave reviews from users.
  • Comprehensive – Full handling of all aspects of modern, browser-delivered applications including: