Our Process


Agile Process

We use agile process because it works. Agile process keeps all stakeholders’ expectations in line and facilitates the necessary flexibility to keep projects on track.Project schedules are not definite. Imperfect information creates confusion, uncertainty, obscures accountabilities and delays or kills projects. We believe that traditional, top-down management many times fails to successfully address such variability.Agile embraces empirical measurement and breaks work down into deliverables that are due in increments.  Each set of deliverables are either done, or not done, and the project timeline and/or resources can be adjusted as needed on a regular basis.Agile is based on observable fact, not subjective prediction. It is easier, cheaper and more successful.

Iterative Prototyping

Our Opal™ framework allows us to deliver functioning prototypes early on in the development process.  This allows users and other stakeholders to provide immediate feedback on design, function and accessibility, giving them an active role in development and a stake in the process. Designs can be adapted and altered quickly.By giving stakeholders ownership early on, we can easily adjust development so that the final product always meets and exceeds expectations.


We use our enCorps™ product to manage each project. Using a common toolset enables us streamline development, manage changes effectively, and provide an organized and consistent approach to long term post-implementation support.After using enCorps in a development project, clients often go on to use it to manage other aspects of their business.